I got a big girl job!

I recently quit my two jobs in hopes of finding one that I’d actually enjoy. It kind of made me nervous because we’re moving to Chicago soon and I figured staying at my old job would’ve been easier, but I just couldn’t do it.

We leave for Chicago in about six months.

What if I only have six months left on this earth? Anything can happen,

What if I never make it to Chicago?

Well I never just ask ‘What if?”

I just go for it. So I started looking for jobs that I know I’d enjoy.

I’m happy to announce that I got a better job than I thought I’d get.

An interior designer’s assistant! I’m obsessed with interior design and have strongly considered making it my major for my bachelor’s degree before getting my master’s in psychology. It’s either that or business in order to start an interior design business. It’s the perfect job.

I get to work under designers, learn about the business, assist customers in their homes with decoration choices, and learn about the softwares related to interior design. I’m super excited!!

I have a big girl job!

Thanks to my medication I made it to my interview on time and ready to go and they loved me. I make hourly plus commission!

Just a little update for y’all. I hope my WordPress community is doing well. Leave a comment below if you’d like.

more on the job later!




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