Day one back on Meds

That’s right… Here we go again.

Except this time it’s different. I am on a mood stabilizer. Lamotrigine.

The psychiatrist mentioned a rule of three.

If three SSRI’s fail on you then there may be multiple diagnoses involved.

He thinks I also have bi polar components.

… I’m not even sure what to think of that right now so I’ll get into it later.

Look if it makes me feel anything like Wellbutrin made me feel for those 6 months then it is more than worth it.

Also with my insurance it’s $5.50 for 60 pills so money can’t be an excuse like it was with Wellbutrin. 

Here we go.

I’ll keep you updated. 



2 thoughts on “Day one back on Meds

  1. Argh literally had the exact same situation last month. Although I take SSRIs. I completely get that ‘here we go again’ feeling (and the irritation of having to god damn pay for it) but as you say, it should be worth it 🙂 keep being awesome x

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