My move to Austin in 15 posts

You ever notice how most sitcoms’ plots only really take about half the episodes to cover? The rest is fluff, or unrelated. Well I was going through my old posts and realized that the plot of my moving to Austin could be told in 15 of them! Thought it’d be fun to link you up to that story. This will be an ongoing series. The next one will track my ups and downs with depression so be on the lookout! ❤

1. Homecoming [day 127]

2. Revealing my plans to Wordpress 

3. Planning for Austin 

4. Things I learned along the first month of planning

5. Recounting old times

6. What was my point?

7. Flight Confirmed

8. A poem

9. At a loss for words

10. Fear sets in

11. Anxiety sets in 

13. Off to the airport [day 0]

14. Update [day 1]

15. My first day in Austin [day 1]


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