What is a Grown Woman?

What is a grown woman? What does she look like? What does she act like? How can you tell the difference? Is there a real distinction?

A grown woman does not have to be past a certain age.

Nor does she have to be a certain weight.

Nor a certain height.

She does not feel the need to people please.

She does not have to be perfect.

She does, however, have to be good enough for herself.

She does not participate in idle passive aggression.

She instead speaks her mind; She speaks with a purpose.

She does not let her emotions get in the way of her point.

She knows that it discredits her completely, therefore it can’t be taken seriously

She chooses to end further association with the immature women that do such things.

And as we all know, those women exist.

A grown woman feels free to be who she is.

Be it smart.

Be it funny.

Be it confident.

Be it messy.

Be it silly.

Be it trusting.

Be it impatient.

Be it gentle.

Be it loud.

Be it career focused.

Be it in love.

Be it single.

Be it creative.

Be it anything anyone doesn’t like about her.

A grown woman knows who she is and doesn’t let petty things get to her.

She is not afraid of confrontation when it’s necessary.

She does not hide from the people that don’t approve of her.

She can’t.

She won’t.

The most important piece of a grown woman, however, is that a grown woman knows she doesn’t have to have all the answers

because there’s no such thing.



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