How to Write a Book

The best way I’ve found to write a book? Don’t want to write one.

Actually, that seems to be a good rule of thumb with any ambition.

Don’t want it.

Then it’ll come to you.

want my blog to be successful

want to write a book

want to be okay with everything around me

Therefore, none of these things will ever happen.

Once you realize you want something, the pressure is on.

Its doesn’t flow out of you naturally anymore.

Here I was enjoying my little corner of the internet, not caring too much what came out of it. And then it blossomed. My writing was real. It was candid. It was impulsive.

The moment I started caring what others thought about my writing was the moment I lost touch with it.

So from this day on, I’m going to stop caring so much. Because when you care, you get tense. You freeze up. You stop thinking rationally.

And we all know that thinking irrationally with depression isn’t a good thing.



  1. I like this advice. I know that’s how I come up with my best writing. It just comes to me out of nowhere, and then I have to run with it. When I force it, my writing isn’t authentic. When we stop stressing so much, that’s usually when we encounter the best ideas.

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