Meeting your significant other’s child

It caught me completely off guard. I was watching TV and stuffing my face with a snickers bar when suddenly Andy cracked the earth in half with one text message.

“Well the reason I’m asking about your next day off is I was going to ask if you would like to accompany Lucas and me to the playground and some Ice cream if the weather permits.”

And just like that I froze up. My mouth wide open, snickers half masticated, just completely bewildered. Earlier that day I was thinking about how sure I was about meeting him some time after we returned from Chicago.

Well… that timeline was just given a violent shove to next week.

So in that moment, I did what my gut told me to do. I did what all 20 something year olds do at some point in their adult lives when they just don’t have the answers.

I called my mom.

She told me not to be afraid. She said that the only reason I was expecting to meet him much later is that Joseph kept me a secret for so long. I told my mom about him pretty quickly. He met my parents after two months or so. He waited 8 months to admit that we were dating. Overall he just treated me like crap. Let’s just go with that.

Anyway, here I have Andy, slowly letting me into this amazing part of his world. His parents know about me, and so do his sisters, and now on Wednesday I’m going to get to meet Lucas. Not because it’s the “next step” or because he feels obligated, or that I’m pushing him into it. It’s because it feels right to him.

And after the initial shock it felt right to me, too.

So on Wednesday, Andy, Lucas and I will be heading over to the park (I love parks!) and hanging out for a few hours. I’m excited to meet him, and excited to do so in a very relaxed environment. It’s like meeting parents for lunch as opposed to what Andy will have to do: Meeting my parents on a vacation.

It’s funny… I never really thought about what my situation would be like when I was this age. Seems I’m in a relationship where my parents are the furthest.

Let’s hope it’s not another movie in the “Meet the Parents” Series.

I’m sure my mom could pull a pretty intimidating DeNiro persona out of her pocket in a moment’s notice.


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