Why do we let irrelevant people hurt us?

Why Why Why?

Why do we let irrelevant people get us down?

Like anything they say (or don’t say) matters.

Life would be fine without them, yet when they’re gone suddenly we feel a loss.

Well I say that’s bullshit.

Someone like that should never make you feel bad about yourself. They shouldn’t have the power to.

Let them go. 

Seriously. Let them go. Whoever they are. I don’t care if it’s a distant friend, relative, ex, whoever. You know who it is for you.

Yes. It stings. But isn’t knowing that all ties are cut better than wondering what’s going on between you?

Fuck that. There’s enough uncertainty in the world without us questioning the certainties.

Let. Them. Go.

Not for their sake. For yours.

Let them go.

And don’t for one second regret it. You deserve more than irrelevant pricks messing with your head. You deserve more than getting your feelings hurt by someone that literally means nothing to your life, even if they once did.

Say goodbye. Not until we meet again, but a solid, clear goodbye. Even if it’s just in your head that you haven’t said goodbye. Do it!

And then flail about in your apartment singing angsty songs at the top of your lungs. Who cares what you sound like? Fuck em all.

I guarantee you’ll realize you just made a decision that helped YOU for once.

Lastly, focus on the people that actually matter. The ones who are there for you always and would do anything for you, just as you would them.

If you don’t focus on them you may miss out on them!


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