Making a Relationship Official


To be honest I just wanted to share the awesome day that I had with him. He is legitimately the sweetest, most respectful, and most caring man I’ve ever been with.

Took him long enough to get here!

ah, well technically it’s on me. You see it took me six more years to be born, so there’s that. And then I waited almost 22 years to move to this city.

It’s just funny. In August when I came here on vacation, I felt such a pull from Austin. A pull I had never experienced from a place before. I didn’t even know he existed when I started planning the move. When we stared talking it was November. I was already living with my family, getting ready to say goodbye to Chicago. And even then I didn’t know how I’d feel about him. Ever since I came to visit I wanted to live here so badly. So badly that I couldn’t wait a year, I had to live here in 2015.

And now I feel like I know why.

I may be wrong.

But right now in this moment, I’m right.

He’s it for me right now.

Maybe even for longer.

I plan on enjoying every second of it regardless.

I’m going to post about the day we decided to make it official a little bit later.

I’m not a relationship genius by any means, but I will say that I’ve been in quite a few relationships with different dynamics. Take it from someone who was never single by choice between the ages of 15 and 20: it means so much more to fall for someone when you’re ready as opposed to when you’re trying to get over someone else.

I waited almost a year being happily single. It was important to me. I would’ve waited even longer had I thought that he wasn’t right for me. But he treats me the way I should be treated, he cares about me just as much as I care about him, and I feel like I’m ready now.

But I’m also not afraid to be single anymore, so I know that if this person doesn’t treat me right, I’m more than capable of ending it.

Here’s to hoping he continues to be as amazing as he is now.




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