I had an odd dream

I had a dream the other night.

I was getting on a flight to Austin from Chicago and as the plane was taking off and easing up to the skies I saw all of the cities around me start to fall apart. It’s like I could see entire cities from my window. New york, Chicago, Boston, etc. They were all imploding. All of the buildings turned to dust. All of the Lights went out. All of the people were screaming. 

Tornadoes and hurricanes began to terrorize my plane. And before I knew it we were falling head first into an ocean. The plane submurged, then got back up to try to fly, and that kept happening over and over again. And every time we submerged sharks tried to eat the people that fell out. finally, the plane crashed onto the shore and threw me out onto cold, wet dirt. I had no idea where I was or who I could even look for. I was alone. 

I went inside a house that was barely still holding itself up, and found that it was deserted. I went into a room that seemed to belong to a young girl. She had a bunch of pretty notebooks, binders, picture frames, and jewelry. But there was no name in the notebook, and no pictures in the frames. I didn’t know who this place belonged to, but it made me feel safe to have a notebook in my hands. So I took it.

Suddenly the dream forwarded to a few years later. The world was different. Technology still existed somehow, but nothing new was being made. So if you still had a phone or a laptop it was likely to be stolen because everyone was still trying to reach their family members. I had a phone, but I could only call my brother. So he and I talked often. We wanted to find each other but I didn’t know where I was. 

There were no longer cars, planes, trains, or any kind of transportation for that matter.

Everyone lived underground like ants. People had dug these amazing tunnels that were extremely high and went for miles. So everyone began to dig themselves little homes along the tunnels. I was going to, but I only had myself, and I kept wanting to find my family, specifically my younger brother. So I kept my notebook, phone, and a little knapsack with belongings in it and walked all day and every day. 

Finally, one day my brother found me. He said he’d traveled for so long and wanted to live with me. 

But I didn’t have a home. So we built one. And suddenly when we built it our belongings started to appear from thin air. My laptop, my suitcase, Khaleesi, and anything else that you could think of.

I woke up and felt really glad to be in the regular world again. Those tunnels were dark and cold.

It feels good to have let the dream out of my head. I haven’t been able to get it off of my mind for a few days now.

What do you think it means?


What's the word, Larry Bird?

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