Guest Bloggers: “Always Ask ‘How?”

As I’m getting ready for my move to Austin in 8 days, I looked back at my posts and thought about how much I’ve grown over the past year. How many people helped me. How many blog posts I read that uplifted me. All of the advice I’ve received for my own recovery.

It just makes me realize that no one has all the answers. I can’t fix depression. I can’t save everyone. All I can do is my best. I can give advice through my own account. I can reply to emails and update my blog regularly. I can make people laugh or make them feel good if even for a moment through my blog posts.

But I also need help sometimes.

This is a project I like to call, “Always ask ‘How?”

I wanted to find a way to acknowledge the bloggers that have really inspired me one way or another on my journey to recovery. I want my readers to see that while no one person has all the answers, we have strength in numbers. I also just wanted people to know about these people because they are great writers!

I have 5 bloggers that have written guest posts for my blogs. I have asked them to tell us how they have overcome or are currently trying to overcome a mental illness/ or another life altering event.

The only terms that I gave them are the following:

-It doesn’t have to be positive.

-It doesn’t have to be a certain length.

-It should be honest.

That’s it. I’m so excited to share their stories with you so that we can all remember that there are others out there dealing with problems similar to ours.

And they are still here.

So, starting on Christmas day, I’ll release each post one day at a time so that you can see their amazing stories. The last post will be on new years eve, and it will be my story, diagnosis to now!

I’m extremely excited, and I hope you are too!



6 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers: “Always Ask ‘How?”

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