Why are you doing this? [A Poem]

She asks why I’m doing this.

Why I’m so painfully quick to dismiss

The well paying job.

Provided by God

My very best friend.

My happy ‘the end’.

She asks why I can’t ever stand still.

I asked myself the same thing until

I realized that is who I am.

I’d rather be me than this fake scam.

My dearest, I simply cannot stand still.

I never could.

I never will.

I used to think it was a flaw

An unfulfilled life leading to yaw

Sometimes I’d spend hours wishing it away.

Trying to resist it every single day.

But my thirst for change has crept up on me.

I can no longer deny it, so you see.

I’ve decided to steer into the skid.

I have the control now, no longer that kid

I simply cannot and will not stand still.

I love who I am and I always will.

She asks why I always have to go big.

I don’t just want to exist.

I want to live.



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