Right now at this very moment….


I wonder what he’s doing. I wonder if he wonders what I’m doing. I know he’s out there, I just have no clue where in this big old world he finds himself today, or how I’m going to meet him.

Sometimes I wish I just knew so that I wouldn’t waste my time hurting over anyone else… ever.

Wherever you are, I love you.

And if that makes me cheesy, then I’m cheesy.

If that makes me unrealistic, then I know I’m being me. Plenty of people have said my goals are unrealistic.

And I’ve always proved them wrong.

So, you live your life as planned, and so will I. Then someday when we least expect it, our lives will merge.

I’ll bump right into you and somehow …. maybe right away, maybe not, but somehow… we’ll know. You and I. This is it.

And I’ll wonder why the hell I worried so much.

My dear future, I cannot wait to meet you.



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