How did I get here?

45 days until the big move…

What the hell? How did this happen? I’m amazed and befuddled. I know I worked extremely hard to get here, and that against many odds I did everything in my power to succeed, but… it just feels unreal.

It’s like… I tried my hardest and singlehandedly achieved a huge goal?

I’m just not used to that. With all of the years of depression under my belt I’m used to flying under the radar, barely making it on time, barely accomplishing even the smallest task, and barely being able to feel proud of it.

I’m proud now. I’m very proud.

But it made me wonder… How did I get here? What moments in my life had to have happened for me to be here. virtually… every moment. But if we think about it in a timeline sense… A few big moments changed everything.




What's the word, Larry Bird?

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