Three things I’m grateful for (Day 3)

Not much news today, except I got my first paycheck. 2 weeks= $966! yay! I just need four more of those to exceed my goal of $3800.

Looks like life is working out for the ol’ Jessmeister.

1. I’m grateful for the fact that if I ever feel sad, alone, angry, scared, paranoid, or just feel bad about myself, I can cuddle with my cat, Khaleesi and instantly feel at least 20% better. 

Long one, but seriously, I’m extremely grateful.

2. I’m grateful for the coping skills I learned in therapy that seem to be universally useful in my life. Relationships, friendships, trauma, work, etc.

3. I’m extremely grateful to have had the pleasure of being one of Theresa’s patients. If I hadn’t met her, I have no clue how I would’ve gotten through the low parts of my depression.

I feel like my posts are finally circling back around to health and wellness and mental illness. It’s extremely important to me to help others that have depression or anxiety understand what’s happening to them and how to deal with it. It is equally important to me to educate people that have loved ones with depression.

I may not be a doctor or a genius, I just know what I went through, and I believe no one should ever have to go through it on their own. I tried and almost lost my life.

On a happier note, it’s friday! Usually that wouldn’t matter to me because I’ve been a server for years. But now I’m a stuffy office lady and apparently I have weekends off. (What is life?)

Maybe I’ll get all dolled up and go to karaoke tonight.

Maybe I’ll slither into my fluffiest pajamas and watch How I Met Your Mother whist eating hot cheetos and chocolate.

Since I’m in control of my life and what I do with it, I guess it’s up to me!


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