Feeling better

I’ve realized that when I focus on things that I love, things that I used to love don’t really matter anymore.
I love singing and performing.


       303113_10150340083066274_745959269_n            525567_334936336560163_650519932_n

I love being a server.


I love drinking wine with my roommate.

I love meeting cute strangers in bars. I love bar-tending.


I love my cat.


I love being silly.



I love editing.


I love DJ-ing and making mashups.


Listen to I Feel So Shady Mashup by DJ Shocknee

I love creating elaborate song covers with 3+ part harmonies and multiple instruments.

I love latin dancing.


I love my friends.

578397_10150665514306274_610387637_n 1011204_10151504249511274_968044144_n 553208_10150901625851274_1120088711_n 554434_10150709691531274_1165565743_n 523210_606277774463_795199922_n 482655_10151327580856274_835136657_n 429934_10150518024691274_1365515609_n 427107_10150972131421274_1586716004_n310363_10150298845881274_1008403234_n221703_10151353955936274_43827201_n  427001_10150602182111274_746187297_n   283471_10150251791951274_4448153_n 261921_10150212363056274_1034392_n5021_97056811273_1867251_n 27156_10151353969801274_2143618779_n

I love my brothers.

165592_479684221273_1548120_n 74291_10151150632861274_271210562_n

I love me.


These are the things I live for every day.

These things also remind me that I’m kind of a badass. I know how to do a lot of things, and I know how to do them well. Plus how lucky am I to love to do them?

Yes, there are moments where I feel really sad. The Wellbutrin keeps me from being overwhelmed, but riding the sadness like a functional person still isn’t fun.

I just have to shift my focus. Stop focusing on the minuscule bad things and start focusing on the inconceivable amount of good things.

Today is perfect for that. Why? Because I’m ready to let go of the past.

I may not have let go 100%, but I’m so close. And now I have hope. Hope that things will pass. My sadness is temporary. My contentment is the goal.

Anyone that doesn’t want to come along for the ride is irrelevant.

These are all things I know I believe in. Deep down I’m finding myself. Deep down I love myself. Sometimes a tiny bit of depressed Jess gets through, but healthy Jess is so much more dominant now.

You know who else joined the party? Mindful Jess. My irrational thoughts are attacked by my rational thoughts almost every time.

I see things in a clear and concise way. The Wellbutrin has cleared the fog that was depressive thoughts and symptoms.

Once again, thank you Wellbutrin.



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