Old News

When I first heard the words “This is happening, Jess. We can’t try again” I was completely devastated.

There’s a moment…

A moment in everyone’s process of moving on in which the other person feels like old news.

This is that moment for me.

I don’t think anything around you has to change. You can be alone and doing your own thing and it’ll just dawn on you one day. You’re happy for the other person and whomever they choose to start a new relationship with. You’re excited about who’s yet to come. And your dreams of the other person “coming to their senses” and wanting to be with you again seem ridiculous to you.

And the best part? I did it alone.

I didn’t need to be in a relationship with anyone else to get over him. I did it on my own, which means I really got over it. There are no feelings to hide. No mask. No distraction. I hit the problem head on and now I’m free!

Of course I still love him as a person, and I forgive him for any pain he’s caused me, and I hope he’s forgiven me too. I have no anger towards him. It’s just gone and out of my system.

I’m so proud of myself, friends.


Wellbutrin day 14. For some reason I thought it was 11, but I just counted and I was wrong. So yay! I’m further than I thought.

I think it’s working! But maybe it’s the placebo effect…. either way I’m feeling better.

side effects are gone, and i feel motivated to go to work and get stuff done.

Today is pretty much dope.

Photo on 7-12-14 at 12.22 PM #2



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