Let’s be lonely together

First off, I love Fleetwood Mac.

And this song has gotten me through this incredibly difficult breakup. I’m so close to being completely free from it, it’s crazy.

Second, I ate three meals today! woot woot!

Back to the breakup

As I said, I’m not used to being single.

One thing I’ve realized is being single can get really lonely.

But I’d rather be alone and work through my shit than jump into a relationship and hide from it.

Make no mistake. Nate and I had a really wonderful date. And he is an amazing friend. The date we had opened my eyes to the fact that my last relationship had many issues. It made me realize that no matter what I go through I can still get up and feel again. But I am not ready to commit again for X amount of years. I still have a vision. And I still need to get better.

I’ll be damned if anyone by my side took that away from me.

So if you’re single and you sometimes get lonely, let’s be lonely together.

I’m always here to talk with anyone who needs/wants it, and even though I don’t know everyone on WordPress personally, I already feel close to some of you.

Some of you have gone out of your way to read all of my posts and like them. Some have left wonderfully insightful comments. You’ll never know how much I appreciate that.

Tonight, I don’t feel lonely.

Tonight I don’t miss him.

Tonight I feel really good being me.

Tonight, this blog will once again save me from suffering.

Every time I post something new and get it off my chest I feel immensely empowered.

I hope that when you read my posts, you feel empowered too.

It’s funny, some people have this flawed idea that the first person who moves on “wins”. I think it’s the other way around. I think the “winner” is the person that was able to stand on their own two feet after getting their heart shattered into a million pieces. That person is (in laymen’s terms) A mothafuckin’ boss.

This breakup almost killed me (literally).

And here I am, blogging, working, singing, being social, beating depression… without him. I can and will live without him.

He can go his own way.

Once again: Being single isn’t easy, but I’ve learned so much about myself in these four months that I’m nowhere near ready to let this go. Jumping into relationship after relationship is for the weak.

And I am not weak.


p.s. please enjoy this awesome cat ring. (I love it).

Photo on 7-11-14 at 1.48 AM



  1. I second this suggestion. I am in a similar position as you (not over a breakup, but finally okay on my own) so we can absolutely be lonely together!

    Also, thank you for being one of my readers who go out of your way to read and like my posts.


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