New Chapter (Goodbye)

We collided

There’s no easy way to say it.

couldn’t survive it

But I’m happy I didn’t break you.

And if I did I hope she fixes you.

My wish for you is to mesh with someone

like we never could.

My blessing isn’t empty

and I don’t know if I should

it’s incredibly hard to give.

You were always my best friend.

But as they always do

things will work out in the end.

Still, what we had is not easily erased

All that time I thought I had been replaced.

But that wasn’t the case

And our love will always matter

So I finally decided that I can’t be mad at her.

You’ll always have a place in this recovering heart.

I remember all the good times in this time we’ve had apart

autumn days

rainy nights

a guitar and a mic

infinite moments

a beautiful life.

That life is over now

and it’s time to stay strong

let go of you

and try to move on

I’m going at it alone for now

because I feel I must

but sometimes it still hurts

that you let go of us.

Every day my goal gets nearer

I see the finish line is clearer

I’ll always remember the scar

above your left eye

and how you held me

when I used to cry.

And now it’s time

for this chapter to end

Goodbye my once loved, my beautiful friend.

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