The Ledge

I got talked off the ledge today.
As has happened many times before.
Each time makes me feel more hopeless.
Each time I get off the ledge makes me feel stronger.

One day the pain will subside.
One day I’ll fall in love again.
One day I’ll have a family.
One day I’ll be happy.

But I can’t have any of that if I’m not here anymore.
Suicide isn’t the way to feel better. It’s the end.
You don’t feel anything.

People will miss you… but eventually they’ll move on with their lives.
You’re the only one who gets the short end of the stick.

There’s a huge part of me that wants to live,
but sometimes suicide feels like the only option.

If you don’t want to live for you… If you can’t live for anyone else.

Live for future you.

Give that person a chance to be happy. Give them a chance to be alive.

One day the ledge will disappear, and I won’t see it as a way out.
One day things will be different.
Curiosity keeps me alive.


Photo on 7-4-14 at 4.13 AM #2

“Not in this beautiful apartment.

Not in this beautiful city.

Not while people still love you.

Not while people are still hiring.

Not while you’ve still got so many people to meet.

Not in this life you’ve been given.

What’s one more day?”

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