Now I’m ready to start

I feel like myself today for whatever reason.

I’m really ready to start being me, being single, making memories with my best friends, and working hard to save up.

I just got some devastating family news and it’s rocked my world to say the least.
But if I get caught up in it then I’m headed for a bout of deep depression, so this is my way of saying, “You’re not going to get to me.”

Day 5 of Wellbutrin and I’m the most anxious I’ve ever been. It’s hard getting to sleep, and I don’t have much of an appetite. But It’s a small price to pay for what’s next.

I’m really ready to move on with my life. I think I actually have already. It feels good. What feels even better is that I haven’t needed a guy to do it. I didn’t need a boyfriend by my side to take care of me. I woke up every day alone and ready to face the world.

I can’t say how or when, but one day I just decided to stop dwelling on things that I can’t control, and start doing something about the things that I could. I realized there was nothing in my way except me. Everyone else had moved on, the abuse was over, the relationship ended, a new relationship blossomed, and I was still stuck in the past.

I’m happy to say that that’s not the case anymore.

I am Jessica and I approve this message.


Photo on 7-2-14 at 8.04 AM #3



  1. Omg Jess you are amazing! I suffer from anxiety too and it started recently so it hit me pretty badly. However, I got the same realisation as you now and I am doing my best to be my best! Damn it girl we are alike 🙂 Check out my blog where I write to live! Speaking of which, I should update today hahahah 😉


    • Thank you for the comment! I’m glad other people can relate to my struggles. It reminds us all that even if we’re lonely, we’re not alone. I’ve given your blog a look and am definitely following! Have a great night! ❤


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