Jealousy is a nasty thing.

It can burn you to your core.

It can cause you to wish for terrible things to happen.

It can make you want to punch someone in the face.

It can also make you want to be better.

A better you.

Someone worthy of someone else’s jealousy.

Sometimes the jealousy isn’t even valid.

The person you think has it all… may not.

The person that you wish you could be… might wish they were someone else.

Don’t get caught up in jealousy.

The other person is probably not even worth it.

In my case, I know this to be true.

And I know that I have many likable traits.

Traits that this person could never have

because they aren’t me.

So to that person, I say… You no longer have a hold on me.

I refuse to be hurt by you anymore.

You aren’t worth my time, thoughts, or pain.

Today marks the day of me being my real, genuine, self.

Jessica. The Jessmiester.

I don’t need to be you, or have what you have, or like what you like, or laugh the way you laugh.

Besides, I love my laugh. It’s mine. And someday, someone else will think it’s so endearing that he’ll wonder why I ever wanted to be like someone else. I’m me. and that’s enough.

Maybe not for you. But that really doesn’t matter anymore, honey.

I’m taking my power back.

You don’t get to have it anymore.

And boy does that feel good.

In the words of my best friend, “Bye, bish.”


Photo on 6-27-14 at 12.57 AM


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