There are days when I miss you.  There are days when I don’t.  Today… I don’t.  That’s sad to me.  It’s so sad.  We were decently solid.  We were on the right track. I think… We were supposed to make it.  Or were we?  Maybe not. Maybe you just taught me all the lessons I… Continue reading Andy

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Today I feel….

…. Not great.  But tomorrow is a new day. And though the thought of having to wake up tomorrow and do things makes me want to cry right now, I know it’ll be okay.  How do I know? Because it always turns out to be okay. I always get through the day no matter how… Continue reading Today I feel….

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Being Alive 

When you least expect it you’ll have one of those days where being alive isn’t absolutely terrible.  Enjoy those days! If they don’t come around very often you owe it to yourself to enjoy it.  Don’t fret over the fact that it’ll be fleeting.  After all, you wouldn’t know what amazing feels like if you… Continue reading Being Alive 

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They’re not stupid for caring about you 

You deserve care like everyone else.. Being alive is hard.  Why do it alone?  Ask yourself,  “am I stronger with this person than I am alone?”  If the answer is no, then why waste your time? If it’s yes then stop being afraid. Accept the love and care that you’d give someone in your situation. … Continue reading They’re not stupid for caring about you 

Depression/Anxiety Advice

Doing what you want vs. What you think is right. 

In other words doing what your heart tells you despite what your brain tells you.  Technically it’s all your brain. One part wants something but the other part has issues with it. Could be guilt, fear, sadness, etc. I don’t know the mechanical part of it. I don’t know what the parts of the brain… Continue reading Doing what you want vs. What you think is right.